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Industry Research

US Independent Lodging Property Research Study, 2019


This Industry Study is being sponsored by the Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals (AIHP).

We are supporting the industry’s need for current reliable research to better serve our community of independent lodging property members, aspiring lodging property members, prospective association members, and Allied Partners, who provide the amazing products and services to the lodging industry.



With the recent and anticipated industry changes (shared economy companies, increased use of online technology, future changes in ownership), national research is needed to supplement the few past studies.   

Knowing the characteristics of current small independent lodging operations and owner/manager industry attitudes and beliefs will allow AIHP to assist in all stages of independent lodging ownership. 

This study also supports prospective owners/managers, current owner/managers desiring growth and established owners/managers who are anticipating a possible sale. 

We would love your support to make this type of research a reality.  If you are interested in being a sponsor of the study click here for more details.  A big thank you to our current sponsors.



- Determine what owner/managers feel is necessary to be successful in the industry;

- Gather current business information related to the independent lodging operations, marketing efforts, human resources practices, financial data and planning procedures.

- Information will concentrate on the 2018 year and anticipated changes in 2019.

- Analyze results to assist AIHP in future programing, industry advocacy, and member support.

- Summarize findings for dissemination to interested individuals and organizations.



We need your help to have current information on our fast-changing industry. Since the purpose of the research is to help you make informed business decisions, the survey asks general information about your property's operations, marketing efforts, human resource practices, finances and planning efforts. The survey closes with questions about your perceptions of success and demographic information.
If you want to hear results, please attend AIHP's 2020 Knowledge Sharing Summit and Marketplace in Albuquerque, New Mexico this upcoming February 23-26, 2020. If you can't attend, the study can also be purchased.
Your time is valuable so as an incentive to you, a discounted purchase price is available if the survey is completed by December 1, 2019.

If you have any general questions, please contact Rob Fulton, AIHP CEO at 717-433-6813 or

Should you have questions about the survey, please contact Dr. Julia Truitt Poynter ( as she is coordinating the research.

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